Knitting Live 2020 - Immersed in Kindness

Knitting Live 2020 - Immersed in Kindness

I think that’s really my first feeling. OMG! I went to VKL and I wasn’t just a spectator! It’s taken me all week to write this article, and now I know why. I sent my son to the mailbox this morning, and inside was a package from a wonderful woman I met exactly a week ago today. She and her husband arrived at my booth Sunday morning, before the marketplace got too busy. We chatted about crochet as she checked out some of my yarn. We were talking about a Christmas Tree garland she saw in one of the many exhibits at this year’s show. She told me how her thoughts when looking at the garland, was that it was just missing a little sparkle, and so, Ms. Eileen purchased a skein of my Emerald Sparkle yarn to make a garland of her own.

We also discussed how my time at VKL had been and I must have lamented about missing out on the 10 year anniversary bag, since I went to VKL with the firm plan not to buy ANY yarn. I was so overwhelmed by the experience, that I couldn’t even fathomed what I’d do with anymore yarn. In any event, Ms. Eileen offered to head up to the 6th floor marketplace to see if they could grab me a bag. I insisted that the gesture was too much, but Ms. Eileen and her husband were just as insistent that they go anyway, and so they did. They returned a short while later to let me know the bags were all gone and further offered to go take pictures of the bags that were left, so that I wouldn’t go home empty handed. Of course I said no and we said our goodbyes. I took quick dash to the marketplace before the day got too hectic. I ended up with a nice Vogue Knitting tote and a pin, and was happy with that.

So back to today’s package. My daughter ran to me excitedly, singing, “We just got a letter!” And I was confused by the size of the package, since I’m awaiting a few new skeins for testing. I looked at the name, and was floored. It was from Ms. Eileen. Inside was the 10 year anniversary tote and a letter. Apparently, Ms. Eileen found a tote that better suited her needs and instead of keeping extra totes around, she thought of me.

This summarizes my VKL experience. The love. The kindness. The warmth of everyone I met. Not only did I meet so many of my Instagram followers, who by the way, are just as lovely in person as they are online, but I met moms, wives, husbands, and friends, who share the love of yarn and yarn arts. I consider myself an introvert - I enjoy solitude and reflecting. I did worry a little, about whether or not I’d have the energy for the crowds, whether or not I’d get burnt out before Sunday, if I’d be nervous, but NOPE. Having people stop by and say, “I came to see you! I had to meet you!” That was surreal. I am so humbled by and grateful for this entire experience. VKL gave me an opportunity to meet my people (fellow yarn lovers) and get a sense of what you like, up close and personal.

I look forward to getting back in the lab and creating some more goodness for you all. My doors are always open, even if it may take me a little longer to respond some days. I’m listening.

The question that swirled around afterwards was “would you do VKL again?” And my answer is absolutely! I’m ready to do ALL THE SHOWS if it means I get to spend time with all of you!


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